Do Brain Training Games Like Lumosity Really Work?

Brain Training Software

To find out the BBC launched the largest ever scientific study.

It looked at the long-term effects of brain training software…

The BBC tested the types of games used by companies like Lumosity and Nintendo…

The study tracked 11,430 people for 6 weeks…

The tests looked at what effect these brain training games had on:

  1. General Reasoning
  2. Memory
  3. Planning
  4. PLUS Visuospatial Abilities


 The Results Of The Study?

  • The BBC Said: “Brain training games do not improve overall brain power”
  • Nature Journal Said: “While players got progressively better at the games, the gains were not transferable”
  • Scientific American Said: “Few studies convincingly show improvements from the popular programs”
  • Science Mag Said: “no evidence of general cognitive benefits”
  • IQMind Blog Said:“I am often asked to give my view on Lumosity brain training exercises that target a variety of cognitive functions including attention, processing speed, visual memory and executive functions.  it has quite limited value”

 So… All Brain Training Games Are A Waste Of Time Right?

Well not always…

There are types games that have been scientifically proven to be successful at boosting:

  • Short Term (working) Memory
  • Problem Solving
  • Analytic Intelligence
  • General Intelligence Gains
  • Short Term Memory Gains
  • PLUS Focus & Concentration

So why are they not popular?

Well… because they’re not fun like Lumosity & Nintendo’s brain games…

You have to remember the mainstream brain training market is also entertainment…

If your games are not fun to play… then people will not buy your product…

According to the BBC the brain training market is worth $1 billion US dollars a year.

Yes that really is a picture of exactly 1 billion US Dollars…

However It’s expected to grow to $5 billion by 2015.

Forbes has even forecast, that the industry will eventually grow to be worth a trillion us dollars a year…

So what type of brain training works?

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